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Carrie Nash is a content marketing strategist specializing in developing targeted campaigns for non-profit and public sector organizations aligning multiple channels for effective message delivery. She specializes in creating clear concise messaging around complex ideas about clean technologies, energy, and corporate social responsibility practices.

At Slowey/McManus, Carrie works with clients in clean energy and non-profit sectors to develop public relations and social media campaigns, developing issue messaging that mobilizes advocates and industry stakeholders.

Carrie has been involved in the clean energy and corporate social responsibility fields in the U.S. and the U.K. for more than a decade. She led the marketing team at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships for nearly five years where she managed and expanded the successful Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency recognition program. She also managed NEEP’s website and content development and launched the organization’s digital media platform. In the U.K., Carrie played an active role in the national campaign for Fairtrade products as the eastern regional communications lead. In this role she managed PR and led local government partnerships in expanding public awareness and availability of Fairtrade products throughout the east of England.  She has also covered the clean energy and sustainability fields as a reporter for several online news sites, including Sustainable Life Media, since 2007.