Challenge: Although a universally known brand, Walmart needs to continuously burnish its profile, update awareness of its retail innovations and respond to stories and scenarios that challenge its reputation.  This challenge is heightened in some areas of New England, where the Walmart brand has historically carried less weight than in other parts of the US.

Strategy: Through broader and better-informed media coverage, Slowey/McManus has helped Walmart convey accurate, updated information about its corporate initiatives and changes. Working with Home Office and regional operations and public affairs executives, we initiate and continue conversations with media and public officials that benefit Walmart and its customers.  

Outcome: For more than a decade, Slowey/McManus has connected the media in New England with accurate and updated information about Walmart’s community philanthropy, sustainability initiatives and industry innovations. We act as a bridge between the home office of the world’s largest retailer and the business and civic influencers in New England, while promoting media coverage of the company’s efforts to better serve its many customers in 144 stores throughout the region.