BOSTON, MA — Hey, Boston. Have you voted yet? No? Here's your reminder to get to it, and not just to stop Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump from reaching the White House.

Yes, there's the big-ticket presidential election, and yesmany Boston elections were effectively decided during the primary. But there are also several important votes that will directly impact you and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Early Voting is already underway, and will keep going through Friday (Everything You Need to Know About Early Voting in Boston). You can also, as always, vote on Election Day itself, Nov. 8.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here's what to watch for on your Boston's local ballot:

Local Ballot Question

Last of all is Question 5, which focuses on the Community Preservation Act in Boston.

A quick explainer: the Community Preservation Act is designed to help the City of Boston meet its affordable housing needs; make and maintain parks/playgrounds/athletic fields; preserve land for recreation/conservation; and preserve/restore historic buildings and resources. You all know Boston's got plenty of those, which you as a resident almost undoubtedly directly benefit from.

Question 5 would raise property taxes to pay for all of the above. Per The Boston Globe, which endorsed this ballot initiative, a "yes" on the ballot initiative would add a 1 percent surcharge to resident and commercial property taxes, coming to about $24 per taxpayer per year, according to the city. Most of the money would come from commercial real estate. You can read more here.