By: David Skill

When Rockland voters head to the polls on Election Day, they will be casting votes for four statewide ballot questions, plus a local question on whether to adopt the Community Preservation Act: 

“Town meeting here in Rockland passed it in May and we had to wait for the statewide election to have the vote, but the Community Preservation Act has limitations — it’s not just a tax, it creates a separate fund so that the town would set the money aside to acquire open space or land for park and recreational uses,” said Rockland Town Administrator Allan Chiocca.

He explained that there are some exemptions:

“There’s also an exemption for the first $100,000 of value for each taxable property, and it also exempts any person who qualifies for low income housing,” said Chiocca.

Also voted in at Town Meeting:

“Instead of the entire 3 percent they will go with the 1.5 percent surcharge annually,” said Chiocca.

Steve Callahan from the town’s Human Resources Department will also appear before the board to discuss a town employees handbook.